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A Reading Day in Pastel, Beige and Neutral

Click here to read this post’s sister post – “A Popcorn Day in Pastel, Beige and Red.“ I have to confess – my attention span is getting shorter! In my student years, I… Continue reading

A Popcorn Day In Pastel, Beige and Red

There are 2 types of photos in the world – Pre-Photoshopped and Post-Photoshopped! I don’t quite understand the need or obsession to use Photoshop on every single photo; in fact, I actually like… Continue reading

Rock It, Your Way!

The band, The XX, were in town and many of my friends went to their concert night before in Hong Kong. Music has always had this magical power to bring people together, to… Continue reading

This Time, Last Year: What The Rabbit Was Going On? // 去年今時:到底在搞甚麼兔子?

What were you all doing this time last year? I found a series of photos that never got published last year…why? I don’t remember… What the “rabbit” was going on when I put… Continue reading

PORTS 1961 Fall/Winter 2013 Collection // 2013 PORTS 1961秋冬系列

Fiona Cibani Though it has been quite some time since Ports1961 showcased its Fall Winter 2013 in Hong Kong, this is one collection I have to blog about. I really really loved almost… Continue reading

My Favourite 5 Runway Looks From ATSURO TAYAMA A/W2013 // 我最喜歡的2013秋冬ATSURO TAYAMA系列5大造型

Black is the main colour tone in ATSURO TAYAMA’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, but you can’t miss the shimmering gold highlights either! 黑色是這季ATSURO TAYAMA 2013秋冬系列的重點色系,但到處都不難發覺,那些迷人的金色細節。

LOOKBOOK: Waiting For… // 街拍:等待…

Have you counted how much time in life you have spent waiting? Waiting for someone… waiting for to be seen by the doctor… waiting to have your food served? Sometimes you wait because… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Playing Hide And Seek With The Sun // 街拍:和太陽玩捉迷藏

The weather in Hong Kong has never been so unpredictable as this summer – it might be super sunny when I first go into my MTR station… but then two stops later when… Continue reading

Quick Gift Ideas For Every Dad, With Love // 送給每一個爸爸,父親節快樂

Father’s Day (16 June) is only 2 days away – so have you figured out what to give to your childhood Superman, the only man who’ll love you unconditionally from the day you… Continue reading

Not Just A Fashion Rumour: H&M X Isabel Marant is the next designer collaboration! // 時尚不八卦:H&M下一個合作品牌設計師是Isabel Marant!

It is confirmed! French designer Isabel Marant will be the next high-end fashion designer to collaborate with H&M, and not Givenchy as many suspected before. A few facts about this capsule collection: The… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Finding The Great Gatsby // 街拍:尋找那個了不起的盖茨比

“Hey, old sport.” That’s one phrase I had never heard anyone say to me before, but it was repeated countless times during my viewing of The Great Gatsby few weeks ago. To be… Continue reading

You Are What You Read #2: Kids These Days // 人如其閱 #2:今朝的孩子們

Click here to read all my other “You Are What You Read” blog posts; 想閱覽其它“人如其閱”博文,請點這裡。 I always enjoy reading The New York Times Style Magazine; it has this perfect way of combining top-notch… Continue reading