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A Reading Day in Pastel, Beige and Neutral

Click here to read this post’s sister post – “A Popcorn Day in Pastel, Beige and Red.“ I have to confess – my attention span is getting shorter! In my student years, I… Continue reading

A Popcorn Day In Pastel, Beige and Red

There are 2 types of photos in the world – Pre-Photoshopped and Post-Photoshopped! I don’t quite understand the need or obsession to use Photoshop on every single photo; in fact, I actually like… Continue reading

Rock It, Your Way!

The band, The XX, were in town and many of my friends went to their concert night before in Hong Kong. Music has always had this magical power to bring people together, to… Continue reading

This Time, Last Year: What The Rabbit Was Going On? // 去年今時:到底在搞甚麼兔子?

What were you all doing this time last year? I found a series of photos that never got published last year…why? I don’t remember… What the “rabbit” was going on when I put… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Waiting For… // 街拍:等待…

Have you counted how much time in life you have spent waiting? Waiting for someone… waiting for to be seen by the doctor… waiting to have your food served? Sometimes you wait because… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Stand Out In Black // 街拍:以全黑造型脫穎而出

It’s an all-black kind of day today! As soon as I got off the plane, I had to rush to the bank and meet some potential business partners. I see so many people… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: White Dream Nation // 街拍:白色夢境

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – so I am going to shushhhh here… 有一句話:“一張相片勝過千言萬語。” 所以,這次我不寫了。你們自己體會吧~:) 🙂 Photos by Tory Ho

INTERVIEW: Elleiconlee On The Wantering // 我受時尚網站The Wantering的訪問

Thanks for featuring me as a trendsetter on your blog, The Wantering! Below is my interview with The Wantering: “Globetrotter, model, writer, fashionista. Hong Kong fashion blogger and girl-about-town Elle Lee is all… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Wear Something Red For Good Fortune // 街拍:穿紅戴金過中國新年

While brands have already launched their Spring/Summer 2013 collections and new rounds of fashion weeks (for launching Autumn/Fall 2013) are starting across the globe, I’m afraid I am still stuck in 2012… because… Continue reading

Add a Little Pink to Your Life to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness This October

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world – and the colour is PINK! Get something in pink from many of the businesses participating in this global campaign and help to not only… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: A Casual Earth Day // 街拍:一個休閒地球日

A little while ago, I collaborated with Stradivarius for a styling campaign and was able to select anything I wanted from their pre-fall collection to create 3 different looks for 3 different occasions. One of… Continue reading