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A Reading Day in Pastel, Beige and Neutral

Click here to read this post’s sister post – “A Popcorn Day in Pastel, Beige and Red.“ I have to confess – my attention span is getting shorter! In my student years, I… Continue reading

A Popcorn Day In Pastel, Beige and Red

There are 2 types of photos in the world – Pre-Photoshopped and Post-Photoshopped! I don’t quite understand the need or obsession to use Photoshop on every single photo; in fact, I actually like… Continue reading

Rock It, Your Way!

The band, The XX, were in town and many of my friends went to their concert night before in Hong Kong. Music has always had this magical power to bring people together, to… Continue reading

This Time, Last Year: What The Rabbit Was Going On? // 去年今時:到底在搞甚麼兔子?

What were you all doing this time last year? I found a series of photos that never got published last year…why? I don’t remember… What the “rabbit” was going on when I put… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Waiting For… // 街拍:等待…

Have you counted how much time in life you have spent waiting? Waiting for someone… waiting for to be seen by the doctor… waiting to have your food served? Sometimes you wait because… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Stand Out In Black // 街拍:以全黑造型脫穎而出

It’s an all-black kind of day today! As soon as I got off the plane, I had to rush to the bank and meet some potential business partners. I see so many people… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: Imma Dogalicious // 街拍:狗迷心竅

Thunderstorms… rain… fog… hot… cold… humid… the weather in Hong Kong has been acting strangely over the past few days. I tend to miss home badly when I am overloaded with work, annoyed… Continue reading

LOOKBOOK: It’s Black and White Season // 街拍:這是一個黑與白的時尚季節

This is what I wore to Karl Lagerfeld‘s global watch collection launch in Hong Kong (click here to read more about the watch collection itself!). 這個是我去參加時尚老佛爺Karl Lagerfeld手錶系列全球開幕日香港地的造型,如果你想查看更多關於Karl Lagerfeld的手錶系列,請點這裡閱讀。 Outfit details: Black cropped blazer… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Elleiconlee On The Wantering // 我受時尚網站The Wantering的訪問

Thanks for featuring me as a trendsetter on your blog, The Wantering! Below is my interview with The Wantering: “Globetrotter, model, writer, fashionista. Hong Kong fashion blogger and girl-about-town Elle Lee is all… Continue reading