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You Are What You Read #1 // 人如其閱 #1

I see lots of inspirational sayings, life mottos and clever advice shared online, and I believe “You Are What You Read” – yes, I created that saying myself just now! 🙂 Because of… Continue reading

BigBang Liked My Photo On Instagram // 我在Instagram上的相片獲得了BigBang的喜歡

I love sharing photos on Instagram @elleiconlee, and getting likes on them is a plus. But I never thought getting too many likes would be a problem… until last week! G-Dragon from massive K-Pop… Continue reading

A Visit To WWF Hong Kong And A Cute Panda Giveaway // 我的香港WWF世界自然基金會之行:可愛熊貓禮物饋贈讀者

My friend shared the video below on Facebook the other day, and tagged me (Yes, I get tagged almost everyday on Facebook). So I had to watch it… to be able to give… Continue reading

Twenty Eight Souls Lost In The Connecticut Shooting // 美國康州小學槍擊案,離去的28條生命

Everyone was heart broken when the news of The Connecticut shooting broke out. It’s a regional tragedy that caught global attention because the majority of this senseless shooting victims were children. NBC News:… Continue reading

Learn Chinese Fashion Buzzwords // 學習最潮的中文時尚詞彙

Everyone is learning Chinese now, but do you know the hippest fashion words? Here is something CooooL for you to learn! 🙂 大家都在學習中文,你知道現在最潮、最流行的中文字眼嗎?看看這個能不能幫助你吧!

Happy Halloween! // 萬聖節快樂!

It’s the day, it’s today, it’s Halloween! I am not going to do anything today, well, except eating some Halloween chocolate. But I do want to share this photo with you, a Halloween… Continue reading


Last day of the weekend, lets watch some Youtube videos. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Looks like Romney is winning on Youtube with “Mitt Romney Style” with over 6 million views; 90k+ LIKEs… Continue reading

Add a Little Pink to Your Life to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness This October

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world – and the colour is PINK! Get something in pink from many of the businesses participating in this global campaign and help to not only… Continue reading

NOTICE: blog undergoing renovation until 20 Aug

Dear Visitors: Thanks for visiting my site! elleiconlee  is being redesigned and improved as you read! Don’t worry if you can’t seem to see some images in the posts, everything will be back… Continue reading


一样的事情,一样的东西对不同的人却起着不同的作用。这个大千世界就像一个“万花筒” 。我的世界,它和你的可能很不一样,可能惊人的相似。不管如何,我们都带着有色眼镜,隔着一层,雾里云里的在观察着周边的一切。我绝对不会说我的观点是正确或权威的,因为我不相信“绝对” 。我也不会说永远!


人生的目标,大家都不一样。随着年龄的增长,目标也在改变。 小时候和妈妈走在路上,看见橱窗里漂亮的衣服。 拉着妈妈的手说:“妈妈,我长大了给你买。” 童言无忌的一句话,却一直在妈妈的脑中逗留着。

女人似無線網,男人似藍牙 Men are like Bluetooth, Women are like Wi-Fi

還在研究女人似金星,男人似火星?你out啦! 用我喜愛的網絡科技語言來講-女人似無線網,男人似藍牙!