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Happy Dragon Boat Festival, Kisses From Me Via Burberry Kisses // 親愛的們,端午節快樂!收到我的Burberry Kisses了嗎?

It’s Dragon Boat Festival (also known as Duanwu Festival) here in China today, and we have a day off in Hong Kong (or 3 days off in mainland China). You can watch exciting… Continue reading

Gift Ideas For Working Mums To Unwind And Shine – Mother’s Day 2013 // 2013母親節:讓媽媽容光煥發的禮物主意

Mum, mum, mum… I remember my mum putting on red lipstick, combing her permed curly hair and stepping into heels as she got ready for work when I was little. She was the… Continue reading

Behind The Scenes Of My Radio Show // 我的新體驗,鳳凰電台主播幕後花絮

To find out more about my radio show and how to listen to it, CLICK here! I have participated in TV programmes and fashion shows before, but never any radio shows. So I… Continue reading

My New Fashion Radio Show Is Now On URadio // 收聽鳳凰URadio電台,每週聽我調侃時尚搭配潮流

I have launched my new radio show on! Every Friday, you can tune in and listen to me TALK about fashion, styling and more… in Mandarin. Apologies to my English readers… or… Continue reading

Me, Illustrated by Mickco // 由Mickco描繪的我

I attended a great event yesterday hosted by Swarovski Hong Kong – Styling Day! And it was even better to finally catch up with my good artist friend there – Mickco, a rising… Continue reading

BigBang Liked My Photo On Instagram // 我在Instagram上的相片獲得了BigBang的喜歡

I love sharing photos on Instagram @elleiconlee, and getting likes on them is a plus. But I never thought getting too many likes would be a problem… until last week! G-Dragon from massive K-Pop… Continue reading

Put The Gloves To The Test: ETRE FIVEPOINT // 測試專為觸摸屏設計的保暖手套

A friend of mine just got an iPad mini as a Christmas gift, and he just can’t stop talking about how great it is (You know who you are! :p). Nowadays, our life… Continue reading

Hong Kong’s Top Twitter Influencers Include ELLEICONLEE

Look whose name is on this chart! 🙂 With a score of 76.6…in Lifestyle & Fashion section of course. I am a happy girl~haha, is this too geeky for you?!

VIDEO: Hello From Elle // 視頻:李文煊和大家打招呼

Hiiiii~~~I am going to do more videos, please let me know what you want to see in my videos! 🙂 大家好,我現在開始會做更多的視頻和大家分享點點滴滴。記得給我留言告訴我,你們希望看到甚麼樣的內容哦!:) Youtube: Youku:李文煊elle

Video: Elle’s New Column on // 视频:李文煊在Style-Tips.com的新专栏

Hey guys, great news! I have opened a new column on with some of the greatest fashion/style bloggers in Hong Kong! Check out the latest video! 🙂 好消息!我现在又多一个时尚专栏在! 那除了我,你还可以认识到其他几位香港顶尖的时尚博主! 快来看看我们最新的视频吧!


Last day of the weekend, lets watch some Youtube videos. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Looks like Romney is winning on Youtube with “Mitt Romney Style” with over 6 million views; 90k+ LIKEs… Continue reading

In Fashion And Social Media, What Is Hong Kong’s Position?

This is a repost (but with more images) of my column on, I have a regular column there. September is a busy month for both the fashion and social media industries. Coinciding with… Continue reading