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My Gym, The Future Gym: Hypoxi // 健身房的未來: Hypoxi

“Which gym do you go to?” has to be one of the most frequently asked questions here in Hong Kong. There are quite a few good gyms in Hong Kong with membership plans;… Continue reading

Summer Fitness Plan: Eating – Cambridge Weight Plan // 夏季修身計劃:劍橋修身代餐

Please click here to read my other fitness related posts. 如果想閱讀關於我其它和健身有關的博文,請點這裡。 My juice detox was intended to kick off my summer fitness plan – I know people usually start planning and getting back… Continue reading

Two Lip Plumpers That Worked For Me // 我用過最有效果的2支豐唇蜜

I am a hard person to please when it comes to beauty products. They are not like clothes – with clothes, sometimes they are not so comfortable but they look nice, yet I… Continue reading

JUICE DETOX: DAY 3 – Drama and Done // 蔬果汁流質排毒第三日:戲劇化的完成日

To read all about my 3 day juice detox experience, please click here. 想阅读所有关于我的3日断食果汁排毒体验,请点这里。 There’s a thing called #latergram on Instagram, meaning your photo was not taken at that moment, but was taken… Continue reading

JUICE DETOX: DAY 2 – I Cheated… But It’s OK // 蔬果汁流質排毒第二日:偷…食其實是可以的

Sometimes it’s ok to cheat… just a little, though! Just as I thought I had an A+ start to my juice detox to kick off my summer fitness plan, things didn’t go so… Continue reading

Juice Detox: Day 1 – Success! // 蔬果汁流質排毒第一日:成功!

To read all my detox posts, please click HERE. It’s the first day of my 3 day juice detox and after carefully reading all the instructions (Before, During and After) from Be-Juiced, I decided to… Continue reading

Juice Detox: My Juice Army Arrived! // 蔬果汁流質排毒計劃:我的蔬果大軍到達!

To read all my detox posts, please click HERE. I had told Be-Juiced that I was planning to start my detox on Tuesday 4 June so they delivered my juices on Monday evening,… Continue reading

Good In, Bad Out! Let The Cleansing Begin… // 身體內的毒素,快離開!

I have been wanting to do this for ages, so no more excuses… let’s start now! A 3 Day, Level One fruit and vegetable juice detox from Be-Juiced is priced at HKD$1,580 – which… Continue reading

Gift Ideas For Working Mums To Unwind And Shine – Mother’s Day 2013 // 2013母親節:讓媽媽容光煥發的禮物主意

Mum, mum, mum… I remember my mum putting on red lipstick, combing her permed curly hair and stepping into heels as she got ready for work when I was little. She was the… Continue reading

In Love With OUD By Robert Piguet // 愛上Robert Piguet香水OUD款

Scent has a very interesting function – storing memory. It triggers certain parts of your brain or body to react to a specific person or relate to a piece of memory. I am… Continue reading

My Tips Using L’OREAL REVITALIFT // 我肌膚緊實的好幫手:歐萊雅 REVITALIFT

As a vivid believer of “You are what you put on your face” (or did I just invent that saying? :p), I was very honoured to be invited by L’OREAL to share my experience… Continue reading


市面上有各式各樣的家用護膚導入導出美容機,科技賣點也大不同。但最受歡迎,效果也比較顯著的一個就是:離子護膚。 這次和大家分享的就是我已經用了1個多月的新款HABA升級版二合一離子明眸美顏器 (定價HKD2,280)。為甚麼選擇它和大家分享呢?主要因為它比其它離子導出導入器細心,多了1個離子滾珠,重點照顧面上微細部位,如鼻翼兩旁、眼部肌膚,法令紋等。