My Gym, The Future Gym: Hypoxi // 健身房的未來: Hypoxi

“Which gym do you go to?” has to be one of the most frequently asked questions here in Hong Kong.

There are quite a few good gyms in Hong Kong with membership plans; I tend to go to the gym when it’s either too hot or rainy.

If it’s a nice day, I like to run near the seashore or hike up the mountains before hitting the beach. After all, one of the reasons I decided to move to Hong Kong was for the many outdoor activities you can do here.

Yet sometimes traditional exercises are just not that effective if your body has become used to a certain way of training. So how can you get a highly targetted and effective workout that focuses on specific parts of your body instead? With that question, I went searching online (GOOGLE!) and found a rather futuristic solution… and that’s why I am calling it the future gym – Hypoxi!

What do you think life in the future will be like? How different do you think things like cars or kitchens will be?

Do you think future cars will be able to drive themselves and you’ll be able to catch them with friends, or work whilst you’re travelling in them? Will kitchens be able to cook dishes on your command?

So what do you think a future gym should be like? Somewhere you can achieve the same effects of an intense physical workout without actually having to spend that much time in the gym or sweating like a pig? That you’ll be able to easily focus on the specific areas where you want to lose inches or tone up?

Well, that’s why I joined Hypoxi (after a free trial, that is!) – it’s pricey but effective (I just finished my first 12 sessions with them).

I haven’t really lost any weight because I haven’t changed my diet much, but I have trimmed down, which to me, is more important. What’s the point of weighing less if you still look just as big?!

Anyway, I paid good money for my workouts at Hypoxi and I am pretty happy with the results. If you are willing to experiment with something different, explore new ideas and are happy to put your trust into technology, then Hypoxi might also be a good solution to your body contouring issues.

Read more about how and why Hypoxi works by visiting their website and see if you can also enjoy a free trial and try it for yourself at one of their branches.

If anyone is interested, I go to the Hypoxi TST branch (even though I live in Central and there is actually a branch in Central!). The TST branch is more spacious and easier to make appointments at, and I’ve never had any complaints regarding the staff there either!















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