A Popcorn Day In Pastel, Beige and Red


There are 2 types of photos in the world – Pre-Photoshopped and Post-Photoshopped!

I don’t quite understand the need or obsession to use Photoshop on every single photo; in fact, I actually like the raw and unexpected outcome of old-school cameras that use film. That’s why I also collect Lomos and Polariods – you can try your best to get a good photo but there’s no way you can reverse or change the final result (unless you do something with the film when you are developing it).

Nonetheless, since we have been experiencing an intensive rainy season in Hong Kong for the longest time I can remember this year, Photoshop sometimes really comes in handy! For example, for this set of photos, it was pouring with rain and there was very little natural sunlight; however, with some Photoshop skills (mainly adjusting the brightness and moving the bar on the colour saturation… :p), the photos don’t seem that dull or “grey” anymore. Yay!

There’s a popcorn shop called Garrett Popcorn in the IFC mall in Central, Hong Kong and I have been a loyal customer of theirs since the day they opened! Getting a bag of their Chicago Mix (Caramel & Cheese) popcorn has always been a good cure for any kind of miserable day – so I grabbed a bag to cheer me up! Do you think replacing your clutch or handbag with a bag of cheerful and tasty popcorn could become a new trend?!

pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_06 pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_03


在香港中環的IFC國金中心,有一家非常好吃的爆米花店鋪Garrett Popcorn。從它開張第一日我就開始捧場,它們家的Chicago Mix(芝加哥混種:焦糖+芝士)絕對是我推薦給大家值得一試的口味。拍攝那天,我就忍不住買了一包,好像這樣替代了拿手袋也還挺有新意的哦?!你們覺得這個會是新的一個潮流嗎?哈哈~爆米花代替手袋!:p

pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_11 pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_12 pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_07pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_01pastel_beige_red_popcorn_elleiconlee_02OUTFIT

T-shirt – H&M

Blazer – Ralph Lauren Black Label

Skirt – Topshop

Heels – Manolo Blanhik 

Bracelets – Juicy Couture