Rock It, Your Way!

ROCK-IT-YOUR-WAY_ELLEICONLEE_04The band, The XX, were in town and many of my friends went to their concert night before in Hong Kong.

Music has always had this magical power to bring people together, to relax, to release, to motivate and to bond. My favourite boy band was the Backstreet Boys! I also listened to Eminem and a lot of hip-hop music when I was a teenager; I even dated hip-hop dancers, considering myself to be one of the cool kids! Those days were really crazy, fun and memorable.

Now, I don’t really have a favourite band or singer. I like any GOOD music – pop, soul, blues, jazz and even opera!

My friends all come from different backgrounds, have different jobs and are in different places. I am friends with them because they are good people, and we grow, learn and care for each other.

No matter where you are reading this, I hope that you are happy and are surrounded by kind and intelligent people. Choose your friends carefully as you will be shaped by those who are closest to you.

I have been receiving more emails from my readers, and I can’t explain how touched I am every time I get one. Some say I inspire them, some say they really like my words or photos; some tell me about their life and struggle. The words you guys write to me are magical – they help me to think… to think how and what I can do to share my positive energy with you all!

I deeply believe in the Butterfly Effect – that one tiny thing happening in some part of the world can trigger another thing somewhere else, that one thing leads to another and one human being to another. We can make big things happen – you and me together!

So remember to rock it – and rock it in your own way!

Thanks for liking me for who I am, and as always, thanks for reading my blog!


P.S. I will be going to Rihanna’s concert in Macau on 14 September, say “HI” to me if you see me!


前天,很多朋友都去了著名的樂隊The XX在香港的演唱會。

一直覺得音樂很神奇,有一種魔力可以讓不同的人聚集在一起,一起放鬆,一起宣泄。人們可以因為音樂而被啓發,因為音樂聚朋會友。讀中學的時候,我很喜歡“後街男孩” Backstreet Boys,也很喜歡聽好像Eminem那樣的饒舌歌手,和很多嘻哈音樂。哈哈,連交男友都是跳街舞的,覺得自己好酷哦。現在想想,那時候的自己,想法有些幼稚,年輕不就是這樣嗎?!也許會做一些傻事,哭過、笑過,活過。回頭看,那些一去不復返的回憶,更多的是美好。







“蝴蝶效應”,不知道你們都聽過嗎?每一件發生在世界上的看似不起眼的小事,或者是你現在不經意間做的一個舉動,都可能是未來一件改變世界的大事的開始點。因為A, 所以有了B, 而C的加入直接導致D的出現,最後造成了E的結局。這樣說會不會很抽象?總而言之,我很信這個,你和我,你們和我,我們可以塑造未來。

所以,一定記得。Rock 每一天,用你的能量,甚麼都有可能。




P.S. 9月14日Rihanna會在澳門開演唱會,我也會去哦!如果你們見到我,記得和我打招呼。



Top – ZARA

Denim Shorts – Ksubi

Sunglasses – Topshop

Bag – Givenchy

Scarf – Mickco

Sneakers – Max Mara

Photos by Tory Ho